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GO Zone 4-Plexes Newly constructed 4-plexes along the Mississippi Coast offer federal tax breaks, Mississippi state rental subsidies and positive cash flow.                       Indianapolis: Year End Closeouts with DEEP Discounts and Incentives!!                      High Yield Opportunity For Accredited Investors                      Wee Angels: Mommies Helping Mommies is a mother-daughter company who aids families in a financial pinch, be it from job loss, fleeing an abusive relationship, or starting over due to disaster                     NE Heights ABQ REC/Lease Option *** Beautiful 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath, 2 Car Garage in the Northeast Heights near Tramway on Brentwood Hills.                    3 bed/ 2 bath in Oceanside, CA 92056- I am retired now, and am selling my personal residence.                     $1.29 Million Actor's Gated Compound Possible Lease Option/Rent to Own! Owner Finance!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the registration?

Registration is totally free, no hidden cost and no monthly bills.
Can I register using my business name?

Yes, you can. But within the process you will be asked about the contact person and the contact phone numbers.
How can I become an InvestClub USA Affiliate?

Contact InvestClub USA through the "Contact Us" tab. A representative will return your inquiry within 48 hours to discuss options.
Does Invest Club USA guarentee the performance of its affiliates?

No! InvestClub USA does not guarentee, refer, or even recommend the use of the services offered by its affiliates.
Is there a fee to list opportunities for other members to participate in?

Not initially. There is a fee if the opportunity fully funds. There is no fee if the opportunity does not fully fund. A signed fee structure agreement is required prior to listing an opportunity. This will be implemented in 2008.

How do the member points work and what are they used for?

Member points are used for other members to determine the seriousness of members. Points are not given out for random and useless purposes. 10 points are granted for posting an opportunity on our "Listings" page. Also, if members participate in a project points are granted, but there is a reason for this. Once a project has been funded, completed, and resold or held for cash flow purposes, 1 point is granted per member per ROI percentage. Example: A ROI of 30% is actually achieved then each member is granted 30 points. If a project offers a ROI of 30% but only 29% ROI is achieved, then 29 points will be granted to each member. More to come soon!

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