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Create a membership-
First and foremost, membership is FREE! Creating a membership account is the first step. InvestClub USA has built a very simple step by step wizard to guide members through this process. Once a membership has been created the member should next edit their profile. Completing a profile will ensure that other members with similar interests can network more efficiently.

Finding Friends-
A member has many options to finding friends. They can search through the general membership for other members with similar interests, search from a wide array of existing groups, or create their own group and invite friends. Members can also invite friends outside of to join the site membership as long as there is an email address to receive the invite.

Searching Listings-
To search through the active project listings offered by our membership, simply click on the link labeled “Listings”. From there you will see the different categories offered as well as the listings available related to those categories. Each category has a sub category. For example; under the “Residential” category you will see the sub categories fix and flip, new and flip, and other. Each category will have at least one sub category. Click on a sub category and a list of the current projects offered will appear. Next, clicking on a listing enables the details of that project offered to come up. If a member finds a project that interests them, they will find a few different options in the top right corner of the listing to choose from. Options such as contact listor, participate, etc.

Creating a Listing-
Creating a listing is similar to searching listings. Follow the same steps to get to the “Listings” page. From there a member can click on the link that reads “Create Standard Listing” or “Create Advanced Listing”. These links are placed under the main Listings tab or at the bottom right side of the page. Creating a standard listing is the most common function and is used for all listing types. This is for general information to be posted on a project that a member would like to offer. An advanced listing is for residential and commercial real estate projects only. This requires a more in-depth explanation of a project offered. Advanced listings offer both physical details and financial details of a project. Only one type of listing should be created for a project though, either standard or advanced. If a project is listed under both listing types, the listing may be removed in its entirety by the administrator.

Participating in a Listed Project-
Anyone may participate in a project with as little as $100.00. If a member runs across a listed project that they are interested in, there are several steps that should be taken prior to committing to it with the listor. MEMBERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR OWN DUE DILLIGENCE!!! Members should understand every aspect of their projects. Ask questions about it! There are two ways to communicate with the Listing Member regarding projects. They can either utilize our internal mail system, or go to the project detail page (the listing) and click on the link in the top right corner of the listing that puts members in direct communication with the member that has listed the project. On that same page under the listor’s member info you will see “feedback”. You can check out the member’s feedback posted by other members that have participated in past projects with them. Additionally, members are encouraged to ask for further information through the forum, your friends, or with the chat room (not yet available, but coming soon). Members should find out as much as they can about their projects and the listing member’s prior participations. Remember, it is the member’s responsibility- no one else’s.

*** As a member driven site would appreciate any feedback from the members regarding additional tools that may assist them with the success of their due diligence, education, and eventual participation in projects within this site. Please forward any questions and/ or comments to us through the Contact Us page.

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